How to collect DAHLIA SEEDS !! How to Harvest/ Save DAHLIA Seeds

DAHLIAs are extremely beautiful flowers which blooms annually. These plants have tuberous roots.  There are over 42 species of dahlias which are available in a range of extremely wide variety of forms and colors. Do you want to collect dahlia seeds then let’s discuss the process. 


How to collect Dahlia Seeds

Dahlia Flower

Most of the people would like to grow DAHLIA from TUBERS but these plants can also be started from seeds.  Dahlias seeds are easy to collect provided you know how to. There are following steps you need to take:


Leave a few healthy Dahlia flowers on the plants until they drop all their petals and form a seed head. So by this time they will start to look like this:

Dahlia Seed head


At this point of time you can either let them on the plants until they wither and die & let it dry for 7 – 10 days or you can cut them & place them in a jar or glass filled with water till they turned brown & dry. In both the cases just wait till the seed heads turned brown and have almost a papery feel. So by this time they will probably look like this:

Dried Seed Head of Dahlia Flower


Keep the dried seed-head over a large paper, one at a time, tearing each bloom gently with your fingers. The seeds, which are medium sized, a little long and thick at the bottom, will fall onto the paper. Dahlia seeds will look like this:

Dahlia Seeds


Now keep your seeds in a dry and warm place but out of direct sunlight and hard winds for 2-3 days till they dry up completely.


Store the seeds either in a regular white paper envelope or a plastic zip-lock bag and label it. Store the envelope/ Plastic bag in a cool, dry place until next season.

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