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Keep These Things In Mind When Buying Plants From A Nursery

All of us like to buy plants from the nursery, but sometimes we are very disappointed when the plants purchased by us either die after a few days or do not flourish well.  But there is nothing wrong in saying that we make this happen. We get so attracted towards the fruits or beautiful flowers in those plants that we do not observe them well and make many mistakes while buying them. We can buy the best plants in a nursery by avoiding few common mistakes.  These suggestions should always be remembered when buying plants from a nursery. These tips will help you choose the best plants, which will thrive after buying. […]

Natural & Homemade Ways To Kill Aphids

Aphids are the most common pests found in your garden. These sap-sucking creepy crawlies are regularly seen bolstering in bunches on new plant growth. They suck the fluids from leaves and flowers that the plant uses to distribute nutrients, which turns the leaves a mottled yellow color and stunts growth. Aphids swarm both gardens and farms, and on the off chance that they happen to influence it inside, they to can turn into an issue on houseplants, as well.  Here are the few natural & homemade ways to kill aphids and prevent them from coming back.


10 Mosquito Repellent Plants

Mosquitoes are a great source of discomfort not only for humans, but also for animals. Mosquitoes cause many problems. Not only they suck our blood, but also brings all sorts of diseases and viruses with them, like Zika, Malaria and Chikungunya. To keep mosquitoes away, people use mosquito repellent creams and herbal mosquito lotions. But some people are also allergic to it and they become victims of nose, skin, and throat related problems due to its use. Some people also use chemicals to kill mosquitoes, but it is harmful to health and the environment. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes naturally, then grow mosquito repellent plants in your garden. These Mosquito repellent plants will not only allow you to get rid of mosquitoes but also enhance the beauty of your garden.


Coconut Water

Coconut Water: Miracle for Plants Growth

We all are very well aware of the coconut because of its great versatility, as exhibited by many uses, ranging from food to cosmetic. Coconut, especially coconut water, is said to have a good amount of nutrients to provide health benefits to human. But at the same time coconut is also helpful in gardening. Apart from coconut coir or coco husk, which can be used as potting mix, we can also use coconut water as fertilizer. Let’s discuss the benefits of using Coconut Water in Gardening.


Milk As Fertilizer – Good or Bad For Your Garden

Milk is being considered organic compound and a good source of calcium, protein & other nutrients. It is extremely beneficial to human and animals alike. So now the question is that may it also be beneficial for plants? YES, we can use milk as fertilizer, but there are both positive & negative aspects associated with it. Let’s discuss the advantage & disadvantage of using Milk As Fertilizer.


Natural & Homemade Ways To Kill Weeds Permanently

If there is a lot of grass or weeds in your garden and you cut it every time, but there is no use as it grows again and again. The roots of these weeds are very strong, they are not removed even after pulling them out and grow again. In this case, you should adopt some methods that will eliminate that weed from the roots.  If you take some home remedies then these weeds can be eliminated, otherwise they may damage your garden plants. Let’s discuss about the 8 natural & homemade ways to kill weeds permanently.


5 Plants That Can Help You Sleep Better

A good and a proper sleep keeps you fresh, makes you feel better, but because of today’s hectic & stressful environment, food habits it is getting difficult to get a proper sleep. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, mind, weight and more whereas sleep disorder can have an extremely negative impact on your day-to-day life. Don’t worry, there are a few plants that can help you sleep better. Most importantly, spending time with nature reduces the stress level & lighten your mood.


Best Pot for You – Pros and Cons of Pots

Everyone wants their garden, be it a proper garden or a Kitchen garden or a rooftop garden or balcony garden, to look beautiful with attractive plants & lots of good-looking flowers. Most of the urban gardeners rely heavily on pots. There are lots of different kinds of pots & containers available with their benefits & disadvantages. Let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of pots and which is the best pot for you & your garden.


Three Dangerous Diseases of Rose

Everyone loves gardening, but a garden looks more beautiful if has beautiful flowers & plants. Rose is one of the most loved flower in the world. There are over hundred varieties of rose. Rose is a little difficult to grow but if you want to have beautiful roses blooming all the time in your garden then you must take proper care of your rose plants. Let’s discuss about the three most dangerous diseases of rose plant & how to cure them.