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How to Care for Bell Peppers Plants / Capsicum Plant Care

Bell Peppers or Capsicum or Sweet Peppers are a widely popular vegetable because of it’s sweet, spicy or hot taste and also because of their varied colors. These are a rich source of Vitamin C. Bell peppers needs your little extra effort to grow. Keeping the plant moist and warm but at the same time protected from scorching heat & strong winds, needs a little care but not hard enough as long as you are aware of what is required by a pepper plant. Let’s discuss how to care for bell peppers plants.


How to Grow Bell Peppers from Seeds ! Grow Bell Peppers in Pot/ Container

BELL PEPPERS or CAPSICUM is a warm weather vegetable available in different colors mainly Green, Red, Yellow, Purple & white. They are easy to grow (provided the right climate) and resist most pests and diseases. If you don’t have much space available or you live in a cold climate then growing bell peppers in Pots/Container is a great idea. Let’s discuss how to grow bell peppers from seeds.


How to Harden Off Seedlings before Transplanting

It gives a lot of satisfaction to a gardener to grow their plants from seeds. These days, numerous gardeners are following this as it gives them an opportunity to grow wide variety of plants which may not be available in their local nursery. Growing from seeds is not very difficult given you know the process. One of them is, hardening off your seedlings either before transplanting or setting them outside under direct sunlight & wind. Let’s discuss how to harden off seedlings before transplanting.


How to make Seed Starting Mix at Home/ Homemade Seed Starting Mix

There is no better feeling than starting your plants from seeds. Not only it’s a fun but it also saves you lot of money.  When we talk about starting seeds indoors or starting seeds in seed-trays to transplant them later, we always wonder about the medium to use. Should we use garden soil, peat moss, coco coir, perlite, sand or should we buy ready made expensive commercial Seed Starting Mix because the kind of medium we use can make a huge difference. I love making my own medium as I can modify the ingredients as per the need of the seed or plant. Let’s discuss how to make Seed Starting Mix of your own at home.