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How To Make Compost At Home Using Compost Pit?

Compost is the decomposed organic matter that can be used as fertilizer, soil amendment, soil conditioner and as a natural pesticide for the soil. Composting is a process which coverts organic matter into compost. Though there are different ways of making compost, but a simple pit or trench composting is free and highly effective as compared to purchasing or building a compost bin. Let’s discuss, how to make compost at home using the compost pit?


How To Make Big Newspaper Pots

Pots are essential for gardening and most of the urban gardeners rely heavily on pots. Though there are lots of different kinds of pots & containers available, with their own benefits & disadvantages (to know more, click here), but it is always fun to make your own biodegradable pots using different materials. The newspaper is one such material and easily available too. Many gardeners use newspaper to make small seed starting pots, but it is also possible to make big pots of different sizes from the newspaper. Let’s discuss how to make big newspaper pots?


How To Grow Black Pepper From Seeds

Black Pepper , also known as peppercorns, is the world’s most popular and expensive spice. Its scientific name is Piper Nigrum. Black Pepper plant is native to western ghats of India. It is a tropical plant which loves humid environment. An annual rainfall of about 250 cms is ideal for its proper growth and successful cultivation. It can tolerate a minimum temperature of 10 C and a maximum of 40 C. Growing black pepper plant is a little difficult, but you can learn how to do it by reading this article. Let’s discuss how to grow black pepper plant from seeds.


Natural & Homemade Fertilizers For Bigger Roses

If you love gardening then you must be having at least one rose plant in your garden and also want to see lots of flowers blooming in it. If you are worried that there are not good flowers on your rose plants and tired of using all kinds of fertilizers. Don’t be disappointed, If you try a little, then you can get a good fertilizer from your home itself. Let’s discuss about some natural & homemade fertilizers for rose plants.


Aphids: What Are They, Identify & Symptoms Of Aphid Damage?

Aphids are the most common pests found in your garden. These sap-sucking creepy crawlies are regularly seen bolstering in bunches on new plant growth. They suck the fluids from leaves and flowers that the plant uses to distribute nutrients, which turns the leaves a mottled yellow color and stunts growth. Aphids swarm both gardens and farms, and on the off chance that they happen to influence it inside, they to can turn into an issue on houseplants, as well. Let’s discuss what are aphids, what are the symptoms & how to identify aphid damage?


When And How To Plant?

We all love to plant different plants. But sometimes we have to face such situations that after transplanting the plants, whether we bought those plants from the nursery or started from seeds, many of our plants does not grow well or dies. Then we tend to think that we must have chosen the wrong plant, but in reality we often make some mistakes during planting, because of which it doesn’t accumulate in the new environment or does not get the right nutrients and ultimately dies. Let’s discuss what all precautions should be taken during planting and more importantly when and how to plant?