How to collect CHRYSANTHEMUM SEEDS !! How to Harvest/ Save CHRYSANTHEMUM/ MUM Seeds

CHRYSANTHEMUM are also called chrysanths or mums. There are more than 200 varieties of Chrysanthemum which can be further classified into 13 -14 major categories, with each having different method of collecting seeds. In this post, we will discuss about Chrysanthemum Indicum or commonly called Indian Chrysanthemum. Do you want to know, how to collect Chrysanthemum seeds then let’s discuss the process.

how to collect chrysanthemum seeds


Indian Chrysanthemum seeds are very easy to harvest provided you know the process. There are following steps you need to take:


Leave a few healthy flowers on the plants until they start to wilt and die. In case you want to collect the dead flowers a little early just wait until the stem below the flower head turned brown. So by this time they will probably look like this:




Place the spent flower over a white paper, one at a time, squeezing each bloom gently with your fingers. The seeds, which are small and dark golden in color, will fall onto the paper


Keep your seeds in a warm, dry place out of strong wind and direct sunlight for 2-3 days till they dry up completely.


Now you can store the seeds either in a regular white paper envelope or a plastic zip-lock bag and then label it. Store the envelope/ Plastic bag in a cool, dry place until next season.

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