Keep These Things In Mind When Buying Plants From A Nursery

All of us like to buy plants from the nursery, but sometimes we are very disappointed when the plants purchased by us either die after a few days or do not flourish well.  But there is nothing wrong in saying that we make this happen. We get so attracted towards the fruits or beautiful flowers in those plants that we do not observe them well and make many mistakes while buying them. We can buy the best plants in a nursery by avoiding few common mistakes.  These suggestions should always be remembered when buying plants from a nursery. These tips will help you choose the best plants, which will thrive after buying.

Buying Plants From A Nursery

Keep These Things In Mind When Buying Plants From A Nursery

The leaves tell you a lot

It is easy to know about the health of a plant by looking at their leaves. When the leaves are limp, wilted, yellow, brown or black it means that the plant is either thirsty or it is suffering from a disease of some kind. So, be careful and check the leaves carefully.  Always buy plants that are healthy with lavish green and lively foliage.

Avoid leggy and weak plants

It is good to avoid long and weak plants as these plants might have grown up in an insufficient light or may be a victim of over-fertilization and will invite pests and diseases to your garden. They may also break easily in wind and or at the time of handling.  Always go for plants that are grown healthy and have a well-branch structure.

Look for pests and diseases

Buying Plants From A Nursery

When buying a plant from a nursery, always look at them closely for the presence of pests or diseases. The pests or insects are usually hidden on the underside of the leaves or at the growing tips of the plant. Check for common pests such as aphids, scales, mites etc. You should also look if the plant has holes on the leaves, dark spots, bending, rankles or feel that the leaves are sticky.

Never buy infected plants as the pests in them will spread quickly to infest other plants in your garden. Want to know about the natural & homemade ways to kill aphids, click here.

If possible, examine roots

Half the secret to growing healthy plants is having healthy roots. When you choose to pick a plant to check out its roots, examine the color of the roots. Never choose a plant if its roots are soft, brown or easily fall apart when you touch or pull them slightly.

Don’y buy plants in full bloom

Always go for plants with healthy foliage and many buds to open instead of buying established plants in full bloom just because they look adorable.

Check out the weeds

In the event that there are weeds in the pot, it is not just demonstrative of poor upkeep of the plant, yet more terrible is the way that the weeds for quite a while utilized the supplements of the coveted plant. Preferably avoid buying such plants. If in case you’re buying that plant, remove the weed carefully before planting or else it will spread in your garden.

Ask, ask and ask

Having some doubts? Not sure what would suit your garden best, or having some other issue or simply you are curious? Ask some of the nursery employees, they’ll be happy to help!

Buy seasonal plants

While buying, select plants according to season. It will be unfruitful to buy plants of others seasons.

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