Best Pot for You – Pros and Cons of Pots

Everyone wants their garden, be it a proper garden or a Kitchen garden or a rooftop garden or balcony garden, to look beautiful with attractive plants & lots of good-looking flowers. Most of the urban gardeners rely heavily on pots. There are lots of different kinds of pots & containers available with their benefits & disadvantages. Let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of pots and which is the best pot for you & your garden.

Pros and Cons of Pots

Different Pots

Though there are lots of different kinds of pots available, but you can use anything to plant as long as it holds potting soil and can have drainage holes drilled into it like plastic bottles, metal cans and even an old shoe. The following are the different types of pots (with their advantages & disadvantages) you can use in your garden.

Clay Pots

Clay Pots or often known as Terracotta pots and are easily available.


  • Clay pots are beautiful and relatively inexpensive compared to other types of pots.
  • Excessive water is easily removed from clay pots, which prevents the plant from being over-watered.
  • Air is easily transported in clay pots, which is essential for the development of plants.
  • Keep the roots of the plant cool.
  • Clay pots are Eco-friendly and plants love them.


  • Clay pots are relatively weak and breaks easily if knocked over.
  • Allows too much water to evaporate from the soil during hot weather.
  • May be too heavy for roof or balcony.
  • Usually clay pots have short life span.

Concrete Pots

Concrete Pots

You must have seen concrete pots being used widely, especially indoors and are easily available.


  • Concrete pots are strong.
  • Concrete pots can be made easily in large size.
  • They have relatively larger life span then clay pots.
  • Because of their large size they are the perfect contender for growing vegetable and some fruit bearing plants.


  • Because of cement plants get infected by fungus easily.
  • Poor drainage can cause over watering which may kill the plant.
  • Are heavy for roof or balcony.

Plastic Pots

Pros and Cons of Pots

Plastic Pots

Gardening has also improved with the advancement of science and the appearance of plastic pots in the garden has increased.


  • Plastic pots are lightweight, strong and flexible.
  • They are available in many shapes and sizes.
  • They have relatively larger life span then clay pots.
  • Help retain moisture.


  • Plastic pots can spoil by sunburn, so using them for outdoor plants is not advisable .
  • They are little expensive.
  • Using them is not convenient when it is too cold or too hot.

Metal Pots

Pros and Cons of Pots

Metal Pot


  • Metal pots are extremely strong.
  • They are very high life span.


  • Metal pots are expensive.
  • Poor drainage can be a problem.
  • They can leave rust stains underneath .


On the basis of a plant’s requirement, we can say that they love clay pots. Clay pots are made up of soil and soil is the natural habitat of a plant. But as per the convenience, cost, durability and size you need to decide the best pot for your plants.

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