When And How To Plant?

We all love to plant different plants. But sometimes we have to face such situations that after transplanting the plants, whether we bought those plants from the nursery or started from seeds, many of our plants does not grow well or dies. Then we tend to think that we must have chosen the wrong plant, but in reality we often make some mistakes during planting, because of which it doesn’t accumulate in the new environment or does not get the right nutrients and ultimately dies. Let’s discuss what all precautions should be taken during planting and more importantly when and how to plant?

when and how to plant

When and How to plant

  • The plant should be planted in such a depth as it was in a nursery or a pot or polythene bag (except tomatoes). Planting them too deep may damage the stem or planting them well above the soil level may damage the roots because of exposure to sunlight and air.
  • Cut down most of the leaves from the plant and leave just a handful of old leaves along with the new growth, as the plant with more leaves tend to lose more water than the one having a few leaves, because of transpiration . The plant does not get enough water from the ground because the roots are not properly activated, because of the new environment or transplant shock. Therefore, the plant may die.
  • In case of grafted plants, keep the graft union or the graft line above the soil level. If the graft line is buried then it may start rotting, which will kill the plant.
  • The direction of the joint should stay towards the south-west direction. Doing this does not break the joint because of strong wind.
  • After planting the plant, the soil surrounding it should be well pressed, so that it removes small air pockets and the plant does not get crushed while watering.
  • Water the plant immediately after planting.
  • As far as possible the plants should be planted in the evening.
  • If the plants are brought from a distant place, then put them in a pot first and keep them in a shady place for a week. This helps them to revive a bit.

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