What is Bark Humus / How to Make Bark Humus

Bark Humus is an organic material. Though it is not very familiar, but is an excellent & absolutely free way to change the composition of your soil and make it healthier. Let’s discuss what is bark humus & how to make it.

Bark Humus

Bark Humus

What is Bark Humus

Bark is the outermost layer of trees. Bark humus is the dark brown composted crushed bark which is porous in nature.

Benefits of Bark Humus

Bark Humus has several great characteristics:

  • It increases the soil’s ability to retain water.
  • Ensures high biological activity in soil.
  • Ensures high biological activity in soil.
  • Maintain optimum level of moisture and air in the soil.
  • Provides a good growing medium for roots.
  • Free of weeds & pathogens.
  • Low in nutrients, less chance of burning the plant.

How to make Bark Humus

Tree bark is all carbon, which takes longer to break down, it doesn’t happen overnight. The decomposition process takes 12 – 18 months.

  • Crush the bark into small pieces.
  • Make a pile of crushed bark in a corner of your garden or collect them into a bin.
  • Pile or bin should be atleast 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet
  • Pile up crushed bark up to the top.
  • Now water it to make it damp up to the very bottom.
  • Keep it moist not wet.
  • Just let it sit there.
  • Keep on checking the moisture level during warm and dry days & water it if necessary.

After a year or so, you will be having finished bark humus.

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How to Use Bark Humus

  • It is a soil amendment & can be used in vegetable garden, flower beds, trees planting etc.
  • Spread it over the soil around plants, this will work as a mulch.
  • It is very useful for pots or containers because of it’s water retention ability.
  • Use it instead of Peat Moss, Coco Peat or Leaf Mold in gardening mix.


  • It doesn’t provide much nutrition, so you need to add compost or other fertilizer.

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