How to collect Rose Seeds !! How to Harvest/ Save Rose Seeds

ROSE is the KING of all flowers. Everyone love roses and every gardener wants to have different varieties of roses in his/her garden. There are more than hundred of species of roses and thousands of hybrid varieties. Now a days roses are available in all sort of colors. Do you want to know how to collect rose seeds then let’s discuss the process.


How to collect Rose Seeds

Rose Flower

Rose can be easily grown through cuttings or grafting but can also be started from seeds.  Collecting rose seeds requires the following steps:


Leave a few healthy Rose flowers on the plants and after they are pollinated they start to develop a seed head right at the bottom of flower. People normally refer Rose seedpod as “Rose Hip”.  So by this time they will start to look like this:


Leave them on the plant till they turn completely Yellow (as per rose variety, in some cases turns Red). At this point of time you can either let them on the plants to get completely dry or can pick them to harvest seeds. So by this time they will probably look like this:


Now carefully cut the rose hip using knife or sharp material and dig out the seeds from it. The rose seeds are medium sized & round in shape. Rose seeds look like this:


Now keep your seeds in a dry and warm place but out of direct sunlight and hard winds for 2-3 days till they dry up completely.


Store the seeds either in a regular white paper envelope or a plastic zip-lock bag and label it. Store the envelope/ Plastic bag in a cool, dry place until next available season.

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