How to Care for Poinsettia in Pots

POINSETTIA, commonly known as “RED LEAVES” in Southeast Asia, is a native of Mexico. Poinsettia is extremely popular among gardeners and more so among container gardeners. It’s a beautiful looking plant. Highly sought after during Christmas season. Let’s discuss about how to care for poinsettia growing in pots.

Care for Poinsettia

Poinsettia Plant

Find the Ideal Place

Don’t place your plant under the direct sunlight. Keep it at a sunny location with bright filtered light. You can also keep it at a spot which doesn’t get the direct sunlight for more than 2 hours a day.


Poinsettia doesn’t like soaking wet soil but at the same time can’t tolerate dry soil either. Keep the soil moist. Whenever you feel the top layer of soil dried just give it a little sprinkle of water.


Feed this plant with well matured organic compost or 10:10:10 NPK fertilizer once a month.

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If you have re-potted the plant and after that leaves are turning yellow & dropping off then don’t worry. Your plant is just reacting & getting used to it’s new environment.

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