How To Make Compost At Home Using Compost Pit?

Compost is the decomposed organic matter that can be used as fertilizer, soil amendment, soil conditioner and as a natural pesticide for the soil. Composting is a process which coverts organic matter into compost. Though there are different ways of making compost, but a simple pit or trench composting is free and highly effective as compared to purchasing or building a compost bin. Let’s discuss, how to make compost at home using the compost pit?

How To Make Compost At Home


Composting is believed to be a little complicated, smelly and messy, but if done the right way, it allows for the recycling of kitchen scraps & yard waste and the creation of a natural fertilizer for garden plants and vegetables. Creating a compost pit at home is super easy and not only benefits the garden; it also reduces the amount of material that usually goes to waste in municipal landfills.

Steps of Composting in a Pit or Trench

  1. Compost pits can be made right in the ground within your garden or backyard. First of all, find a place in your garden that receives a lot of direct sunlight to keep the pit warm (around 30 C is perfect)
  2. Dig a hole in the ground as per your convenience, but it shouldn’t be more than 3 feet deep.
  3. Place a layer of stones or mud bricks at the bottom of the hole. (This will help you in collecting the compost)
  4. Layer the ingredients. Start with a layer of shredded newspaper. Then add organic materials, like grass clippings, green & brown leaves, soft twigs, kitchen scraps, egg shells, tea bags or coffee grounds. Then add a layer of animal manure, like cow dung, horse or chicken manure. Add a layer of soil and Water the compost pit until the ingredients are soaked.
  5. Repeat the layers in order and when the pile reaches a height of 8-10 inches above ground level.
  6. Once the pile settles down and at the ground level, turn the ingredients in the compost pit once per week with a shovel or any other tool to provide proper aeration.
  7. Keep the pile moist.
  8. Compost will be ready to use within 10-12 weeks.
  9. Use the compost once it becomes brown and crumbly and has an earthy smell to it.

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