Natural & Homemade Fertilizers For Bigger Roses

If you love gardening then you must be having at least one rose plant in your garden and also want to see lots of flowers blooming in it. If you are worried that there are not good flowers on your rose plants and tired of using all kinds of fertilizers. Don’t be disappointed, If you try a little, then you can get a good fertilizer from your home itself. Let’s discuss about some natural & homemade fertilizers for rose plants.

fertilizers for rose

Rose Flowers

Tea Bags/ Used Tea Leaves

Tea leaf contains some amount of potassium which is essential for having good flowers. Collect the used tea bags/ tea leaves in a small container. After some days, wash the tea leaves with water to remove sugar content from it. Now use this as a fertilizer. This will help your plant to bloom more in numbers and size. Don’t water the plant immediately after applying tea leaves.

White Vinegar

You can use white vinegar to increase the acidicity of the soil. Acidic soil is very good for the development of a rose plant. However using only vinegar can be dangerous. Along with that, add other nutrients as well.

Banana Peels

There is a substantial amount of potassium in banana peel. Burry the banana peel down in the soil. This will improve the overall growth of plants and help the plant to produce more flowers.

Fish Aquarium Water

If there is an aquarium in your house, then you must be changing its water at least once in a week. Rather than throwing this water, use it for watering the rose plants.

Egg Shells

Rose plants also require a lot of calcium, which is found in egg shells. So it is better to use them as fertilizer rather than throwing the egg shells in the garbage. Just crush them and mix them in the soil. This will prove to be better fertilizer for rose plants.

Unused Seeds of Flowers

If you are having good amount of seeds of different flowering plants, which you cannot use. Instead of just letting them laying around, you can also use them as fertilizer. Just grind them well and mix them into the soil as seeds contains potassium, magnesium, nitrogen and other essential elements which help in a plant growth.

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