Perlite : What is it & How it used in Gardening

If you are an active gardener, you must have heard a lot about Perlite. Want to know what is it & how is it useful in gardening? We are trying to provide answers of all your concerns in detail below.



What is Perlite

Perlite is a non-organic material used in soil to make it more aerate & drainable. These are tiny, round white flecks. Perlite is an unshaped volcanic glass and has high water content. When heated at a temperature of around 900 C the trapped water in it tries to escape & make it expand to 13-15 times its original size and pops out. Thus makes the end product very light. Though it can retain water but being very porous it allows water to drain easily.​

Benefits of Perlite

It is used as an additive into soil mix and has the following benefits:

  • It improves aeration and modify the soil, makes it loose & more drainable.
  • It can absorb water & nutrients and makes them readily available for plants.
  • Is free of weeds & diseases.
  • Is clean, lightweight & safe to handle.
  • Because of its large surface area, it is good for plants that needs high humidity. Evaporation from its surface create humid environment.
  • Good for cuttings, encourage stronger root formation.

Disadvantages of Perlite

  • It is non-renewable resource
  • Can be hazardous to health if inhaled

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